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HUNin toimisto, Iiris-keskus, Marjaniementie 74, Helsinki

Welcome to the English Conversation Course at Iiris 2023 – 2024 
Instructor: Leila Virtanen

The goal of this course is to maintain or improve the skills needed for good conversations in English. Participants will be expected to join in the conversation to the best of their ability. Making mistakes is perfectly OK and part of the learning process. The teacher will guide the conversation, so that everyone has a chance to speak. The purpose of each lesson is to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere for learning and practicing spoken English.

Here are some of the skills we will focus on so that we can enjoy even better conversations:
• Starting conversations + introducing ourselves
• Making small talk
• Making dates and appointments
• Joining conversations
• Telling stories
• Keeping a conversation going
• Listening and showing interest
• Agreeing and disagreeing
• Interrupting in a polite way
• Changing the subject
• Leaving or ending a conversation

Conversation topics will include leisure time, languages, hobbies, fitness and health, family, friendship, food and restaurants, career and work, social media, health, topics in the news, stories and storytelling, humor, art, music, culture, travel, etc. Participants can also suggest topics for discussion. The teacher will send listening materials related to the lesson topic via email several days before the lesson.

Class activities will include:
Role play
Listening exercises (news, speeches, stories, songs)

The spring term begins on February  6th. We will meet regularly on Tuesdays at 16:00 – 17:30 (90 min.). 

The location is the office of HUN, on the sixth floor of Iiris.

The cost for the spring term is 53 euros.
New participants, please register via email:
or by telephone 050 419 6477 (service for members, Mon – Wed 9 – 11).

Organized by HUN and Opintokeskus Sivis

Osallistumismaksu 53 euroa.


p. 050 419 6477 (maanantaista keskiviikkoon klo 9 – 11, muina aikoina viesti vastaajaan)

Järjestävät: HUN ry ja Opintokeskus Sivis